Open PayPal Art 20% off UTAU+Deep Vocal art commissions!


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view the full twitter thread here! It contains more offers and more information
view my portfolio: artstation / deviantart
I'm also offering a discount of 20% for UTAU/Deep Vocal related commissions!
Hey all, so I'm new to the forums but I'd LOVE to work with others in a way that can benefit both me and others! I have a flexible style library and am able to imitate styles if needed at no extra price. If you are also worried about the price even after the discount, don't stress! You don't have to pay everything up front and I accept payments in increments, which is something we can discuss. I'd also like to say, please take care of yourself financially before buying from me!

To get to the point, I'll only be posting the two tiers that matter the most for clean art / references.



I've also been thinking about editing / creating videos for covers, you can check out my own channel for examples but the rates may vary depending on what is wanted.
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Bumping! I'm looking for work currently and I'd love to work with vocal synth users!