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let's see if I remember how to make a thread

September 12 was my UTAU (Yuri Tamaki)'s 4th anniversary! I was on hiatus here for the entire duration of the preparations, unfortunately. And there were a lot of preparations... this project started in March.

The first video is a slideshow! It combined all art of Yuri from 2016-2020 with song-themed art from some very kind people! They helped me fill the video's gaps.
The second video is me being a fool, lol. I released two voicebank updates that were supposed to be done a long time ago, plus I gave Yuri two Korean voicebanks for fun. (There's a PV attempt there. We don't talk about that.)

I've been linking to this document, too! It provides context that didn't fit into the actual videos.

The reason why I didn't post a thread sooner was because I had just ended my UF hiatus. I wanted to give it some time before I started plugging my covers again :sing:


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omg happy birthday to her! i only recently found out about her from an event im in but she has a lovely voice <3
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