Voicebank Adrien Piano

A soft male Arpasing voicebank.


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Nikki D. submitted a new Showcase Item:

Adrien Piano


Adrien was born to Patrice Mezzo-piano and Brandon Pianissimo, who are part of the well-known, wealthy Piano family. Adrien’s parents nurtured his love for music in his childhood and he learned to play piano and several other jazz instruments. Jazz music theory came easily to Adrien, and it always excites him to talk about it with others. Adrien has always been soft-spoken and reserved, which mirrors his parents’ attitudes. He developed a love for botany and loves to grow flowers. He is currently a jazz student in college. Adrien has an obsessive crush on fellow student Eleanor Forte, and constantly tries to win her affection through whatever means he can. Adrien usually won’t realize if others are using him as he is innately kind and generous. He will be willing to do favors for others or even give away items if he’s prompted to. Adrien spends most of his time writing poetry, gardening, and playing his various instruments.

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