Agehachou - NorBOT 1.0


Momo's Minion

Song: Agehachou
Original Artist: Porno Graffitti
Art: Stiff
UTAU: NorBOT 1.0
UST: DarkMuchlax (a.k.a my 17-year-old self) & Katfura (La la la part)

Story time:

10 years ago I made this UST, probably the only UST I ever put effort into back when I was a 17 year old teenager.

Back then, I couldn't draw and I couldn't make my UTAU sound smooth, so I got rapidly discouraged from developing it further.
Now I can do decent art and decided to fulfill my 17 year old self dream of having a decent UTAU with nice art.
Dreams do come true.

Click here for a comparison with Yuki Tekurine, my UTAU from 10 years ago whose voicebank is now lost into oblivion.
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