any elsword players here?


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might as well start off this thread with HOW i got into elsword and leaving it for like, 3 years - THEN picking it up only to be sent straight to the endgame.

so. on 06/08/2016, i made a new elsword account prior to getting a new pc in case i needed it. at the time, i was HIGHLY interested at maining as luciel at the time, and i relied on using my dad's pc for playing browser mmos. i was forbidden from downloading any shit btw

but somehow, the next 3 years, i got a new laptop and forgot about elsword altogether. i was too invested into other mmos like maplestory and aura kingdom.

and there was other shit i had to go through, but we don't talk about that

AND straightfoward 3 years later. i was getting bored of playing maplestory 2, so i was looking around for other mmos to play. and THEN i remembered that elsword exists, and not only that, it was also THIS TWEET that got me into playing elsword - AND EVENTUALLY dropping luciel as my planned main and going for raven instead HAHA

4 days later into playing elsword, i got STRAIGHT to the endgame thanks to this growth support event going on? i got p much the strongest equipment in the game despite me not knowing what the growth support evetn was. i even soloed all the dungeons prior to advancing to the 3rd job

so YEAH; im in na/solace server as a lvl 99 furious blade atm. other than that, im curious if theres other people here who play elsword as well? im looking for friends ^^
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Well actually, you reminded me about good old elsword when I first read this.
Man, I stopped playing that game for months because of grades, then family stuff. But I finally got back to the game, and I have been playing as Eve since when I started playing maybe 2 years ago. Finally got her to lvl 99 (Code: Sariel) but I still need to get her some strong armor since her combat stats kinda suck at the moment. Maybe after making her super strong I'll play either Chung or Add, since they're both pretty awesome.
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