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Discussion in 'Commissions' started by AkaiiTwki, Apr 28, 2018.

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    Hello Utaforum!
    (I'm alive)
    today I decided to open art commission
    I did it because I want to help people doing art for their UTAU / PV / albums / etc and to have fun
    Then you dictate the rules of the commissions

    - payments will only be made with deviantart points (in a donation pool)
    - Once you decide what you want, you will have to pay half or all (optional)
    -If you renounce the commission before to end it, the points will be refunded (in your donation pool)
    -after half is paid I will show you a preview of the drawing
    -after finishing the art, the other half must be paid
    -DON'T rush me
    -I will not draw explicit sexual content (things like lingerie are fine)
    -I will not draw explicit bloody content ( some blood are fine)
    -I will not draw content that incites hatred of any religion or collective
    -only two drawings per person
    -I can draw art for parodies
    -Write me an email if you are interested in the commission
    (specify that you come from here)

    See My Art


    sketch- 10 points

    line art- 20 points

    only color- 40 points

    with shading/lighting- 60 points

    im waiting

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