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Asking for some friends... -_-

Discussion in 'UtaOC' started by HanatheNeko, Feb 24, 2020.

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    Hi, just looking some friends to talk about UTAU with! I'm usually really introverted, but now I feel like I can be myself on here without much judgement! So, if you wanna roleplay through a DM or something while i'm online, then go for it! I just want more friends, ya know? I usually use my UTAUloids, Hana, MAXwell, Songbird, Moji, Moja, Hanakai, or MAGI. Hana is the only one I have a voice for so far. (^-^') (I still have to work on her English...) but, yeah, if you wanna roleplay, then go ahead and DM me and Tell me Your Character! I'll be happy to RP with anyone! but, I will have some rules! Here they are:

    • No R-18! (A lot of my Characters other than Moji and Moja are under 18, but I won't tolerate it either way.)
    • No Racist, homophobic or any kind of Hateful talk! (I am STRICTLY against that kind of RP)
    • Do not ask me for Personal Info! (i only give that info to those who work for me. Example: Aeroza. He works for me.)
    • You may request re-dos (requires me to delete the DM and make a new one.)
    and that's it! if you have any questions, then please comment your question. i will respond as soon as possible.
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    You may have saw already, but somebody created a discord channel ("Ye Olde Utau Crib"), if you haven't joined already. ^^ I've recently joined (literally today) and enjoy it so far ^^ Hope to see you there!
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