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    Hi! I'm opening commissions again. This will be a copy/paste of my google info sheet for the most part, so bear with me.

    avalia’s Commission Info
    Last updated 11/3/2018

    Open for Art & Music Commissions
    Twitter: @AvaliaKasa
    Tumblr: avaliakasa

    Hi there! I used to take commissions a while ago, but I haven’t updated for quite some time and I wanted to open them again, so I figured I should rewrite my entire sheet as my prices and policies have changed.

    I primarily will be doing music commissions, so if you are looking for visual art from me, you will only be able to get a character sketch.​

    Art Commissions
    I will draw any humanoid character, and possibly furries, but I can’t promise the best results. I will only draw sketches; no cleanup, lineart, or color. I will not draw backgrounds.

    $10 per character, and +$5 for a complex design.


    Music Commissions
    I want to emphasize this part of my commissions over my art commissions, as I have more experience and frankly I think my music outweighs my visual art.

    I provide mixing, tuning, and/or original songs for commission.

    I WILL NOT DO MIXING OR TUNING FOR COVERS! The only exception is if you have an official mechanical or cover license from the original artist that you can show me. It’s illegal for me to do otherwise.

    I will mix your work for you. This includes volume, panning, effects, etc.

    I charge $6 per track in a mix.

    If you are commissioning mixing for a song you wrote, I prefer each instrumental and vocal pre-rendered as stems. I will not render tracks individually for you.

    When you order a mixing commission from me, I will send it to you in the form of a .flac, a .wav, and a project file in the DAW of your choice: Pro Tools, Cubase, Mixcraft, or Reaper. I will not use other DAWs.

    You must send me a “reference track” when ordering a mixing commission so I know what you want. This is simply an example of another song with similar instrumentation to yours so I know which instruments you’d like me to bring out in the final mix.

    I will tune your UTAU or VOCALOID* work for you, including pitchbends, vibrato, and now vocal fry in VOCALOID.

    I charge $10 for basic tuning, and $20-$30 for a full tune. This price increases with each track, but it depends on the song.

    If you are confused on what I mean by “basic” and “full” tuning:

    Basic tuning is when I add pitchbends to the beginning and occasionally ends of notes, and auto-vibrato otherwise.

    Full tuning is when I go all-out and ditch auto-vibrato or vibrato functions in favor of writing in the pitchbends for the full notes myself. This adds a bit more realism to a piece. I often use UTAlis or a pitch reader as reference.

    Original Music
    I will create original compositions for you, whether you prefer it with my own voice, with an UTAU, with a VOCALOID*, or voiceless altogether.

    Prices are $15 for a short acapella jingle, $30 for a jingle, $50 for a song up until the first chorus (around 1:30) and $100 for a full song.

    These prices are for NONCOMMERCIAL use. You will need to spend an extra $100 for commercial usage.

    Acapella jingles are short, few-measure phrases I recommend for the beginning of an UTAU release or company/group videos:

    Jingles are similar, however I will go up to 16 measures including instrumental.

    Short songs I will create either a chorus - verse - chorus song or a verse - bridge - chorus song. These are anywhere from 1:00-2:30 long.
    This is an untuned example; the commissioner wanted to have a non-vocaloid sing the song, so I rendered Avanna through it as a reference for the vocalist.
    I uploaded it to box, so I can't embed it.

    Full songs take the most amount of time. These will be anywhere from 2:30-6:00 long, occasionally longer.

    If you’d like to hear more examples, I have genres listed under Genre Examples in the google doc.

    Commission Policies
    I want to put the main policies I have when commissioning me here just in case.
    • I retain the right to refuse your commission without explicit reason.
    • I retain the right to go at a pace I find acceptable. You can ask for something by a certain date, but if I need more time, I will take more time.
    • I will not draw or write anything hateful to minority groups. The exception is if you would want something commenting on hate groups in a progressive manner.
    • I will not draw animals (because I’m not good at it lol)
    • I will not write anything… too weeb. >_>
    • I can cancel a commission if needed. You will receive a full refund if I do.
    • If you ordered noncommercial music, I retain the right to sell the composition on platforms like bandcamp. If you had it for your UTAU or your voice, I will sell it with a different voice instead if preferred.
    • Do not use my music for political or religious agendas without my consent.
    • I do not use PayPal. You can only pay me through Google Pay.
    *When asking for VOCALOID-related content, please remember that I only own AVANNA, GUMI Complete, and the VOCALOID 5 Standards: Amy, Chris, Kaori, and Ken. If you are asking me to tune for a separate VOCALOID, the best I can do is tune it to a character I have and hope it will sound right with a different Library.
    That's it! If anything confuses you or you need more examples, my google info sheet has a FAQ and a page for more genre examples!

    The best places to contact me are on Twitter, Tumblr, and my email, which are all found at the top! Get your UTAU an original demo!!! Thanks for reading!!
    ...I'm off to delete my old commission threads now since they're outdated.
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