Better Hakaine Maiko in OpenUtau


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The best method for using screaming banks is to use tn_fnds as your resampler and setting the flag W-1. This will disable pitch shifting while still adjusting the length of notes. Here's how you can set up the W flag in OpenUtau. Use 0 for the default value to go with singing voicebanks and singing notes, and change it to -1 whenever you have screaming voicebanks and screaming notes.


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This is a quick demonstration using Dominic DAEMON.

How do I make the vocals not sound like an ambulance? lol. Ive been trying new stuff for an hour.

EDIT: To describe the issue better, the vocals on the utauloid (In this case, Hakarine Maiko) seems to be going inbetween two pitchs and it sounds a bit like an ambulance would, which is why I used that as example.
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