BSUP02 Djetsün

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    General Information:
    • Name & Name Meaning: Djetsün (to be pronounced "jetsün" with a German/French "ü" [meaning: there isn't any world in English that could exactly translate the world "djetsün", however, the colest translation possible would be "Lord"]
    • Gender: Female
    • Age: 32
    • Country of Origin: France
    • Voice Type: mature, quite powerful for a "Native" voicebank
    • Optimum Range: E3~A4
    • Encoding: Romaji/Latin characters
    • Aliases: Yes
    • Voicebank Type: VCV VC Tibetan
    • Preconfigured OTO: Yes
    • Appends/Multiple Banks: N/A
    • Languages: Tibetan
    Voicebank Downloads: Not yet
    Voice examples:

    【KEINE Tashi & BSUP02 Djetsün】Closer to the world【UTAU Original】:
    [video=yahoo][/video]YouTube link, if the integration doesn't work

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