Can't Change UTAU Interface Colors Back to Defaul


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Basically what the title says. I recently setup a fresh install of Windows 10 and installed UTAU. After installing UTAU (but before opening it), I copied my plugins, resamplers, and (accidentally) my settings.ini from utaucolors. Everything seemed all fine and dandy, except now I can't get UTAU's UI colors back to normal, and the color scheme I created makes the notes unreadable and overall is unpleasant to the eyes, haha.

Things I have tried:
Uninstalling UTAU and reinstalling it
Deleting the settings.ini file
Running as admin (sort of solves the problem, but then I am unable to access my voicebanks and USTs which are saved elsewhere outside the C: drive (UTAU is being run through a VM, so the VBs/USTs are stored on the "host" system which is considered a network drive by the VM and I guess is therefore inaccessible as admin)

Any solutions to get the UI back to default so I don't have to run UTAU as admin every time I want to use it? XD

Thank you.


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If UTAU opens with the default scheme only as admin there is a chance that you have a separate settings.ini in your per-user settings. Try to search for that file in your AppData folder. Otherwise, reset your theme using utauColors.

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