Chance Multilanguage Reclist 2024 + oto

Chance Multilanguage Reclist 2024 + oto update 2024 - v2


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Chance Multilanguage Reclist 2024 + oto - Multilanguage reclist

Last update: 22/06/2024​


About the Chance Reclist​

Chance Reclist by Nexys4t in collaboration with Altericide
Please credit Nexys4t, NaiveDesla and/or Altericide for this reclist.

The Chance Reclist is a multilanguage reclist with support for Japanese, Spanish, English and made-up language. It aims for maximum compatibility and creativity for those who are not good at...

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DEV NOTE(s) for v2.1​

(unreleased version as of this comment)

- Reclist, oto.ini and demo voicebank will include the "future phonemes" listed
- Some CC phonemes on demo voicebank, according to certain ussers, have "rolled r's".
- This is possibly due to the accent of the recording user.
- Anyways, we decided to make extra phonemes for "soft r's" just in case.

FOR FUTURE UPDATES (above v2.1 and future plans)​

- Small fragments of UST could be distributed to test the voicebanks.
- Heccan (mature, femenine voice) will recieve a new voicebank for this reclist.
- AC (soft voice, unstable, testing, androgynous voice) will recieve a stable udpate version for this reclist.
- Warm, Growl or Powerful voices could be made for the reclist.
- A website for the reclist might be needed as a "hub". (Unknown)


- A testing sample will be included in this post description.
- The UST could be distributed if permission was given once finished.


Side Note. Very personal.
Someone with better hands might be able to make a masterpiece with this reclist.
But even if people complain about not understanding it, I'm doing my best with the limitations the reclist and my accents has.
If you don't understand, why don't you try and do it yourself?
Users don't complain so harsh when a Vocaloid is not understandable. Or when an UTAU is singing in Engrish. Many times you had to use lyrics to understand english vocaloids, or complain about how words are pronounced about your specific accent.
Thank you to the few users who made relaxed and polite feedback.
This helps me with my work and warms my heart.


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Devlopment updates v2.2 (unreleased)​

General stuff​

Some things were fixed here and there in the reclist and oto.ini.
As well, OpenUTAU compatibility fixes.
Speaking of OU, I'm not planning into making a dictionary yet.
More details in the README.
As it's said everywhere, anywhere I edit this reclist, I am forced to mention once again what the purposes and origins of the reclist are. If you complain about the reclist being choppy or not working with phonemizers, it's not my problem, I do my best to make the reclist sound smooth and if you can't stand pronounciation quirks do your own. I have always said and will keep saying that the reclist REQUIRES manual editing to the UST, phonemizers probably won't work unless I am able to develop and distribute my own, and that this is an easy method for multilanguage voicebanks for people that are not psychopaths that learn every single x-sampa alias.

(This note uses a sarcastic tone and is not meant to hurt people, but it is made to make an emphasis on the reason of "choppiness" that only 2 or 3 users complained about. Everyone else even asked if it was a human voice when the AC demos were shown to them. I am not angry, just laughing about the situation a bit. I will keep working on my silly reclist, but yeah, as I always say, don't expect a masterpiece.)

(Once again thanks to everyone for their feedbacks, including the "choppy warriors" -name is a joke-. Without them, the standalone consonants wouldn't exist and the VC's wouldn't be decently oto'ed.)


Heccan [Coupier] (BETA) will be included in the recommended voicebank list and the Drive folders will be updated when she is fully oto'ed.
The non-beta version will include the soft (Judgement) append.
She will release at the same time the reclist does, since she uses v2.2.

Other planned (confirmed) voices to release with this reclist but not specifically this version are:

- Vact [Oracle]
✦ Male power-cheerful voice
✦ Strong consonants
✦ Suitable for Spanish
✦ In development.
✦ Unknown version.

- ???
✦ Male-Androgynous soft-calm-warm voice
✦ Suitable for Conlangs
✦ Development not started.

- Nayela Aakiri
✦ Young female voice
✦ A bit nasal
✦ Suitable for Japanese
✦ In development.
✦ Uses v2.2 Chance 2024 reclist

Sample USTS and others​

Sample USTs will be shown or provided, for comparison or other stuff.
However the sample USTs will be only a small part of the whole UST, since it's only a demo tool.
Tutorials might be included.

The list of planned UST samples is as follows:
- English
✦ Propaganda (Crusher)
✦ Six Feet Under (Vane)
✦ Biohazard (Crusher)

- Spanish
✦ Trash and Trash (KurageP)
✦ Lost One's Weeping (Neru)
✦ Mind Brand (MARETU)

- Japanese
✦ Baka wa anomaly (UTSU-P)
✦ Rolling Girl (wowaka)
✦ Glucagon (EZFG)

I might release other USTs in conlangs or even change/add samples, but only time will tell.

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