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CV OTO: $2CAD + $1CAD per additional pitch​

VCV OTO: $10CAD + $5CAD per additional pitch​

VC support is an extra $2.50CAD per pitch, as are romaji aliases. I'm very good at otoing VCV and can do it quickly if I'm working with an accurate base.
Examples of my oto.ini work: Arachne -SCORPION-, Arachne -RECLUSE-, Stretto Likendo -GENESIS-, Fukitsuma Ongaku -CANDY MONSTER-, Steve Window -WHISTLER-



FRQ Cleanup: $3CAD per 200 wavs​

Your bank will also recieve PMK and MRQ entries.

Audio Cleanup: $5CAD per 200 wavs​

The cleanup will be very basic. Mostly just removal of mild background noise and fixing mild clipping.


I only accept payment in Canadian Dollar via PayPal.

I must be paid upfront. If something comes up and I am unable to oto for you, you will be refunded immediately.

I am 110% willing to hop on a VC with you via Discord and show you my process/how the oto works. It's useful knowledge to have while using the bank itself.

I am not accepting VCCV, CVVC or CV-C/VCV-E voicebanks at this time. I want to gain experience with these bank types before I charge for services otoing them. VCCV English commissions will likely open after I release a VCCV bank of my own.

I will never accept Arpasing voicebanks for an oto. Trust me, that's a good thing for both my sanity, and your voicebank.

ALL voicebank types are able to receive FRQ cleanup, and audio cleanup as a standalone service.

I have the right to deny a commission.

I'm in college so things might take some time.

First come, first serve.

I will not be able to provide you with an oto_ini.txt. I am a Windows user, you're going to end up with a Windows OTO. Luckily, Windows voicebanks are 100% compatible with Mac, so long as they are not .exe files, so this shouldn't be an issue. But if you want your UTAU configured for Mac, you'll need to find someone who either owns a Mac or is smart enough to figured out how to make a Hackintosh.

You will have 72 hours to ask for some fixes on minor issues with your order once it is received. Major issues have a 3 week grace period.

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I need an CVC Arabic OTO? would you be willing to do that? I know it doesn't mention that anywhere in this post...?


Teto's Territory
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I need an CVC Arabic OTO? would you be willing to do that? I know it doesn't mention that anywhere in this post...?
I am not able to do this, as I am unfamiliar with the CVC bank type. In fact, I even mention that I am not taking CVC/CV-C banks in this post.