Teto's Territory
I am an upcoming UTAU user looking for some help with art for my main avatar and my three UTAUs (Madoka Watanabe (a rock voicebank and the first one planned to be released), Kazumi Kotone (an instrument UTAU with diatonic harmonica samples) and Yoshiko Yoshikawa/Gyaruko (my first UTAU idea inspired by gyaru and harajuku fashion)). Feel free to DM me if you want to design any of these girls.

In exchange, I will offer these services:

1. Your voicebank being oto'ed by me.

Please note that I can only do CV, but I can learn to oto VCV.

2. I will voice your UTAU.

I have a very wide vocal range and can almost do any type of voice (except for deep, bassy vocals). Please note that I can only do CV and VCV.

3. I will mix your vocal synth cover.

I'm very new when it comes to mixing a cover/mashup, but I will try my hardest to please my master.

The equipment I use:
Mic: Blue Snowball Ice
DAW: Waveform 11
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