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    Hello bunnies, how are you? I came onto this forum to promote my commission, RedBubble and my albums! I hope to be of your service.
    I appreciate you for looking!! If you cannot afford, please share this around. Exposure of my commission and RedBubble would be appreciated as this is my only way to earn money!
    If you can, please share the Twitter link!
    -Only one per time to prevent stress!
    -I'll be invoicing to prevent chargebacks.
    -Please read my TOS!!


    More examples

    More art on Twitter:
    This is my RedBubble! I appreciate if you could share the link to my RB page if you can!

    I also have albums made. Although they're not so pro, but I did try very hard despite my deafness! I have ghost adventures album planned, unfortunately health has gotten in the way and only made 3½ of them
    1st: MeloMeloBunii
    2nd: ReGrEts
    Collaborative: Workaholic

    More of my musics can be found here:
    Originals by Melobunii-P YT
    Originals by Melobunii-P SC


    Thank you very much again for looking in! I appreciate your time of reading. Please share this forum post if you can. I am only trying to make money best I can as I'm unable to have a job. Thank you again!

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