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IIRC tuning commissions are looked down here because of earning something through others' work (someone else's UST/song), but what about tuning trades?

For example, I'll a tune a UST for artwork. Would that be acceptable or should there be conditions such as the one trading for your tuning owns the UST as well? Or what about tuning for the forum "currency" Utabucks/Tokens?


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imho, for non-monetary gain is fair game.
monopoly money Tokens are also fine as far as I would be concerned.

artwork, tokens, various trades,...ehem..."favors"


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I think it's definitely fine for trading, I understand not wanting to commission someone for working on someone elses work. But I find it fine to trade with. There's nothing really wrong with it, since for example, you cant stop friends from doing something for one another(drawing and tuning)

The only thing I could see being an issue is the "equal trade" problem. One user may not find one ust tuning is equal to an art/cover/etc..
But that's usually between the two who are trading to find a common ground

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It's okay as a theoretical practice, but ofc... There's the issue of subjectivity that's hard to gauge... Not everyone tunes to match the original song and some tuning only makes one voice (whatever the default voice was when a ust is initially loaded) not sound drunk. Some people want things simple (basic pitchbends, conversion) and others want cons vel, vibrato, growl, Pitchbends, appends, cv version, cvvc, vcv, and the kitchen sink). I guess a comparison would be... UNI's Boundary (no tuning but for a bit of velocity) vs Installation (gen factor, growl, velocity). You have to trust that if you do everything and the kitchen sink that you don't receive a 5 minute sketch doodle or something (course 5 minute doodle for you can be someone's 5 hours).


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As a producer: I wouldn't mind tuning trading that involved my song so long as there is no real life money being involved. This is one part "As the creator...I should be the only one making any bank off of my music" and two parts "All but one of my songs are available for free so really NOBODY should be making any bank off of my songs period" lol

As a UST Maker: If someone were to tune a UST I made and trade that for something; the UST should NOT be released publicly, I should still be credited for making it, AND no real money should be involved. I won't come after anyone for sharing with their friends but putting it up for public download is still reposting; just with a pretty tuned ribbon. And reposting is already a community no-no. Wanting credit is also a community given and chances are if it's not my song it's somebody elses so, again, real money should not be involved.

This is me though...not sure how others in my shoes might feel. But my bottom line is if no actual real world money is involved and nothing is being stolen then do what you gotta do~


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Tuning trades seem fine to me, but like Iris mentioned, keeping files private for such small-scale projects is the most appropriate thing to do.

I actually think UST or tuning commissions could be a thing for original songs. There's definitely tons of skilled music producers out there who aren't equally proficient in vocalsynth, but could nevertheless be interested in including it in their work. Compensating someone for that kind of work is acceptable in my eyes.

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Uhm, a trade seems to be more fair than a comission, specially if you are using an UST made by someone else that is not you or the comissioner.

But even so, people already bother about crediting (I used to do), so gaining something by "modificating" their work may not be good. I'd prefer to ask the comissioner to ask permission to the UST maker.

On another hand however I think it wouldnt be need if everything is made privately: private comission, private download, etc. No need to worries at all as well.

I once thought about doing UST comissions, but seeing how other people had problems when making comissions of USTs...Well...

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