could someone recommend me good russian utaus?


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meh i've searched for a long time, but i managed to find only a few good CVC banks and a horrible VCCV D:

so can u please give me some utаus?

multipitch banks are especially welcomed


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Kaido Marina and M1NT0 have both great voice and good oto.

Marina is monopitch while M1NT0 has 3 appends.



I have recorded my own Russian CVC VB too but it’s just one pitch only and it has a non-native accent. I’m dropping the sample in case you’re interested:

Aru Yi

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I have a few I would like to recommend
CD_Rusya is really great! She also has a soft append

Aoki Kosuke is probably my favorite male Russian utau. He has 2 vbs but for some reason, if I use his "blue tree" vb utau crashes T^T

And also TEMiKO.She has a nasal kind of vb, that can be powerfull sometimes
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