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Preview of Crecia's CV:

Name: Crecia Selestewa
Age: 16
Species: Cyborg/Enhanced Human
Likes: Sweets, Cute and Mature Fashion, Animals, Singing, Dancing, Positivity, Nature.
Dislikes: Bullies, Bitter Foods, Homework, Negativity, Surprises/Scares, Horror Movies.

Crecia Selestewa (aka UTAU573) is a cyborg, although she was a human in the past. She became a cyborg, due to having been experimented on in a laboratory at a very young age. She was a very sickly and fragile child, so doctors and scientists sought to cure her, which led to her becoming a genetically and technologically advanced human cyborg. However, Crecia is still very optimistic of life, sweet and gentle despite her changes. Being a cyborg, Crecia is still capable of expressing and understanding human emotion, as well as feeling sensations such as despair, hope and even love.
Due to her optimisim and enthusiasm, Crecia aims to one day be a school idol and sing from the bottom of her heart.


Skiyoshi 十三

Defender of Defoko
Name: Inoue Irotei
Age: 17
Species: Android
Likes: Neon lights, Virtual Reality, Starry Skies, Amusement Parks
Dislikes: Swimming, loud noises, digital viruses, and maintenance day.

I'll add the extra stuff when I come home. :smile: