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Kiyoteru submitted a new resource:

CV OTOing Guide - OTOing your first voicebank!

This guide was originally written in 2014 and rewritten in 2015, as a resource for newbies who received otoing services from this thread.

I am now making this publicly available to the community at large, because I forgot to post it earlier. Questions from the new and feedback from the experienced is welcome. If you are working on your first UTAU voicebank, you can have your bank OTO'd for free as an example of how this...

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I think that your guide how to oto CV is overall good very helpful for beginners. However, I have to disagree with the part that how to configure y/w-glides.

The y/w-glide sounds better and are on time when oto the first consonant how you usually do and then place the red line where the first consonant ends and glide part is just going to begin (in the case of the image down below, between "k" and "y"). Then cover whole y/w part under pink area, so UTAU won't stretch it.

Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at 17.32.04.png

This technique can be also used for non-japanese languages such as oto "bla" or "pra" for English/Spanish for example. Instead y/w, the second consonant is r/l.

I suggest to considering about re-writing this part of oto guide. Thank you.

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