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So I was researching about how I would make my Talkloid Program ( TokuTalk is a program I am making that is going to be a mix of VOICEROID and UTAU ).. I wondered how would someone record a voicebank for it though? Someone mentioned CVCV but gave little details about it. Would this be practical for what I am doing . If anyone knows what a CVCV is? ^^"

any feedback is appreciated!


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Are you referring to CVVC?

Ah no ^^" I'm not sure what a CVCV really is but they said CVCV . Haha I've just been researching for my project and brainstorming how it'd work. So I've been trying to find a way to record the voicebanks is all!


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I think you’re referring to CVVC. I’ve never heard of a method like CVCV. People only call it that because some lists are written as かか, ささ, だだだ etc etc.

basic CVVC explanation (imma try my best)
In CVVC you’re taking a sample like かか and configure it like
[- か][a k][か] I prefer it to vcv as it’s shorter as it’s shorter and doesn’t take as much time to oto [personally] . The only downside is that you have to fiddle around and manually put VC transitions when using it in utau.
I also recommend delta 7 mora CVVC or Ritsu’s EVE list (idk your proficiency level in UTAU, those are easy lists) . Also, my friend @Kiyoteru might have more list recs.
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