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    I discovered DeepVocal and I said I might give it a shot. I made an English reclist for DV and after noticing how huge it is I had to see if it is functional. 2 weeks later I got this:

    He has just one pitch recoded. In this demo he has over 7000 samples and it is 1,8 GB size wise. I have included as many things as I could: initial CCs, final CCs, VV transitions etc. Right now he has no VV coded, misses some final CCs and I need to add the most common CC transitions. I also added R-colored vowels.

    The reclist is based on the English VCCV, but basically I just took the vowels and consonants used in VCCV and rearranged them. When printed, the reclist is around 20~ish pages, so yeah... it is big... huge

    Hopefully, in 2 weeks or 3 the VB will be finished. I thought of making a dictionary, but the English language has way too many words. But that still is an option.
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