Describe your favorite UTAU as terribly as possible

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Yami Ryone-the tsundere neko trap boy.

Just to let anyone know, I would never use the word "trap" in reference to a young boy.


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Imma redo mine for Miko

That bipolar furry toddler that bites in bed.

plz kill me


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I find it so hard to describe Renri terribly
Renri: Pink haired girl with an obsession for stars
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Soon Roko: that blue zebra dog somethingsomething who for some reason likes ginger girls I mean WHAT'S A GINGER GIRL?!

... Sorry.
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low pitched mikuo from aliexpress

literally that's it i myself am sometimes shocked i like him so much

now guess who that is because I'M NOT TELLING YOU GUYS :wink:


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teto - drill demon that can scream
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*coughs to have documentary voice guy*
And here we witness a Namine Ritsu, a Transvestite 6-year-old with missile chest-areas weighing a staggering 25 tons with a thing for purple nurples.
u forgot to mention that he's omnipresent