Dynamite ft. Reicheru Nintone ODYSSEY [UTAU DEMO]


Ruko's Ruffians
Defender of Defoko

Hey everyone! Thanks so much for coming to my first ever premier! I am super excited to show off Reicheru's first ever English voicebank! Recording was absulutly horrible, but the fact that I actually finished has certainly made this voicebank something special, and I hope to share it with everyone real soon!
Thanks to everyone involved with her VB, as well as this demo! ;w; Until then, please enjoy the video! Thank you!
Dynamite by BTS
Lyric Input/Mix: Yin-P (THANK YOUUU!!)
UST/Tuning: Hugwalk
Video: Ron (THANK YOU SO MUCH!!)
Illustration: Me!
Olivia and Mario from Nintendo (Paper Mario: The Origami King)