【Eleanor Forte】The Endless Love (English Version)【SynthV Cover】


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I'm warning you now, the intro for this song is so long and, yes, it's a bop, but I'd recommend starting from about 3:50 if you just want to hear Ellie

Yes, I'm joining the SynthV bandwagon because I'm trying to stay up to date with all these fancy singing programs and this was also the easiest time I've ever had using English, though I'm still getting the hang of tuning :') I may do an UTAU cover of the original Japanese lyrics in the future, though (maybe a Sharpkey cover, we'll see xD)
Ust: @UTAUReni
Original: Hanasoumen-P and yuiko
Main Vocal: Eleanor Forte
Translyrics: damesukekun
Interpreted Lyrics: SpicyStarfish (sorry if they're a little clumsy, I'm not a lyrical miracle individual, but I tried to retain some of the symbolism etc. and if you do want to use my lyrics just credit me and damesukekun for the initial translation)
Mixing, tuning etc.: SpicyStarfish (I have a little sister called Eleanor)

I've not realised it yet
But I've lost myself in you
I've become a part of you

So let me take your hand infused with red
And fall asleep eternally
"Destroy it all"
The Endless Love

The Endless Love...Ah...Forever

If it's in our destiny
That we fall apart as one
The we will sink forever

Then this sorrowful requiem of mine
That is surging with pure darkness
"Will never end"

The Endless Love

The Endless Love...Ah...Forever