English Version of OREMO text are text emojis?


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Hiya! So, I want to make a UTAU for my character Budsie, but my software has kinda freaked out.

I don't really know how to explain this but I have the english version of Oremo and for some reason the hiragana and katakana have turned into symbols. Like %, #,@, etc etc. (Sam Howler is a pseudonym).


I'm not really sure what to do because I can't decipher this weird... translation.


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Ensure that your system locale has been set correctly. This setting is also referred to as the language for non unicode programs. Here is exactly where you can find the setting: https://www.java.com/en/download/help/locale.xml
On Windows 10 there is a beta option for UTF-8. Leave this unchecked.
There is no need to change any other language settings, such as language, region, clock, or keyboard.

Once your locale has been set correctly, you will need to delete and redownload all corrupted files, which will include OREMO, UTAU, voicebanks, and USTs. Here is where you can download the latest official version of OREMO: https://osdn.net/users/nwp8861/pf/OREMO/files/

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