?evil food eater conchita sounds too much like Don't fear the reaper copy

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    the vocaloid sound Evil food eater conchita was released march 3rd 2009 and i know enough to know vocaloid wasn't around in the 1900s , obviously common sense but Blue oyster occult was a 1900s Rock band from my understanding , their song don't fear the reaper was out 1976 , and the artist age is unknown mothy or akuno-p he looks old enough to have lived through 1900s Disclaimer i'm not here to accuse of anything but they sound similar in the beginning ? 0:19 for both the second is a band cover in which i found about the song but i'm like hey? haven't i've heard this before somewhere play speed at 1:25 optional help someone explain this to me

    vocaloid/another song



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