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    Sup yall, call me Ari or whatever honestly I don't care.
    Obviously, I am baby when it comes to UTAU, I know the basics of the basics .... that's about it.
    I already have a few ideas of what I'll be doing, it's just executing them - easier said than done... ^^;
    I haven't made any Voicebanks - IDK if I even plan to, is it worth it? is it difficult/fun?
    I guess later I'll post the results of my labors, but that might be forever from now - if yall even want to see/hear it.

    um... more about me personally?
    College student - Game Design
    Likes music (Shocker), art (Nani?!), video games (Wouldn't even have guessed!) DOGS/ animals in general, and Mythology/cryptids/urban legends - shi.. stuff's cool. [am I allowed to swear here? is swearing ok?]
    DnD and Memes are my life source. It's a crippling addiction please send help - The colorful rocks go "click-clack" needs the more, all the more.

    Can't wait to meet/get to know yall - stay safe.

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