Hatsune Miku Retrospective: 10 Years A Virtual Diva Panel Research


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So I am hosting a Vocaloid Panel at Anime Los Angeles titled "Hatsune Miku Retrospective: 10 Years A Virtual Diva". It is a look back at Hatsune Miku since her release and as part of my research before the panel I am looking for suggestions about songs people thought were popular or significant throughout the years.

My co-panelists and I have started this spreadsheet and are looking for suggestions of songs we should feature in our panel:

Please feel free to add songs you think are appropriate that we should feature as a part of our panel. We are looking for a wide variety of Miku music and are looking to feature multiple tracks for every year.


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It gives me an error when trying to edit, but The World is Mine should be featured. It's one of her most popular songs. Also some English songs should be featured.