Hello I'm Kouwelm!


Momo's Minion
Hello! My name is Kouwelm and I'm a concept artist! I've been doing UTAU for 5 years and albeit I don't finish a lot of wips, but I love using Acme Iku and Matsupoid!

And lately I've been wanting to do projects for my concept work and hire folks who are interested! Although I'd like to get used to the place before I do any hiring! A pleasure to meet you all!

As mentioned, I am a concept artist so if you ever in need of a UTAU concept design perhaps we can work something out in the future! But for now I shall focus on my current projects! Perhaps in June! (Will be looking for male voice providers, OTO folks, and pitch/reclist fixers.)

A look at my current projects in mind.
My social medias are all @ kouwelm as well!