helloooo heyyy hiii


Momo's Minion
APPARENTLY i never posted an intro i don't think(??? pretty sure i did not, forgive me if i have but i cant seem to find one from me so i THINK we're good)

but anyways HELLO my name is Ena and I've been an on-and-off UTAU user for almost 4 years now(and have been an active VOCALOID fan for 5 years).
i do have more info in my about me on my profile in case you wanna know my fav utaus. fav producers, etc.
I used to have an account here abt 3-4 years ago here as well, so I'm already kinda familiar with the site !
I'm 17 and outside of UTAU I love drawing, metal music, goth fashion, horror media, and writing. im not always super active when it comes to actively working on/posting my work or interacting with the community but i try my best to do so !
thank you for reading and have a good day/night :smile::wink: