Help Figuring Out MMD Models Password


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I know there's probably hundreds of other posts like these so please forgive me if anyone is annoyed by this but I just really need some help. Hopefully this won't be too difficult as I was able to figure out some bits of the hints.

So the first model I'm trying to sort out the password for is this one:
The hint on the NicoNico video I found it on says this: "パスは動画番号の後にTFSPを略さずひらがなで入力して下さい。" From using google translate all I got was that part of the pass is the video number however, the second part is what got me stuck, I think it's asking for something in hiragana but that's the part where google translate was no help at all.

The second password I need to figure out is where Google Translate seemed to bug out on me as what it translates makes no sense to me. The hint is listed as "パス=『荒ぶる』を英訳(?)" Which from trying to search through comments on pictures of the model say that it's supposed to be asking for the english translation for the japanese word. I tried every definition I could find of the word which apparently is supposed to mean "savage, wild, or unruly" some even list it as meaning "rough" but no matter which one I try it just does not work. If you want to try it out yourself here's the link where the model can be found: (Warning: for some reason it tries to download a swf file when entering the website, dunno what that is about)

Anyways that's all the information I could find. If anyone could somehow help me out, I will greatly appreciate that!


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For the first one try
or maybe
not sure if either of those will work, though. I think it's asking for the actual letters of the English alphabet to be sounded out in Japanese? Don't quote me on that though.


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Unfortunately I've tried the first two words but they didn't work, thank you for trying to help though. I have figured out that TFSP actually means the title of the game which basically means "Tag Force Special" so I'll have to either find it in hiragana or somehow translate it to that. Still trying to work out the second password.