Help! My .wav files arent being read!


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Ive never come across this problem before, but essentially ive taken some sound clips and exported them as .wav files in audacity. yes they are microsoft 16-bit samples. I moved them to my voicebank's folder, then opened up UTAU like normal and had the VB play the new notes, except nothing came out. I checked the oto editor and to my surprise, there was no sound file there. Its as if UTAU was unable to read the sound file i used.
I've added a screenshot of what it looked like when opening up the oto editor.

Screenshot (1042).png


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If the program was installed in the programfiles folder then it could cause problems in utau reguarding reading and editing files. To fix that you would have to move the utau folder somewhere else, like my documents. If you really want to keep it in programfiles you must adjust the folder permissions to allow the program to read & edit files in the folder.

If the program was not installed in programfiles then I will have to google a bit. As I do remember seeing this issue before.
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I just realized i put it in the wrong folder. I have two versions of the same folder with one in my utau directory and one in the downloads section. I'm an idiot lol

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