Help, utau is in complete gibrish


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dada0599-bde2-4641-883d-3cad18bbc656.jpgutau is in complete gibrish despite our PC being in Japanese and Defoko just stopped reading Japanese properly and her voice just doesn't make any sounds. How do I fix that? do I need to completely redownload Utau? I been patiently using PV, but PV is shit so.

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looks like the locale is wrong. make sure you changed the laptop's locale and not just the language + if you set your locale to japanese after installing utau, you'll need to reinstall it


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Delete and uninstall UTAU and all related files, such as voicebanks. Then follow this setup guide.



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Have you tried installing the english patch?


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Have you tried installing the english patch?
We redownloaded it and it works now. I don't know what the alter who was fronting at the did to make it work. But it works just fine now.
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Not working for me T_T I changed the locale and the decimal thing but it's still just gibberish (I havent installed UTAU in so long i need helpp)


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