Hey so about my new banks....


eldritch horror
Defender of Defoko
Im an activist for blm. Im not gona get poltical. Its just. a long story short i got hired by a tribe to make an utau for some lagnuage exchange thing. They promised me their language was so complex that an utau could do it without an oto to amke other languages. i know that sounds like bollux but i beleive dhtem. I just want to know if this bank could work for hatori heji style japanese or chinese oto'd wrong. i tried this with vcve rel english everythign even latin. It just didnt work till i went on a white pader trip to africa via bartmisva. its a long ass story. but i just wnat to kinow once more cus its me again. IS SHE USABLE? and if so how woudl we i dont know....redo the oto as a jinriki? I know its a hyper-special-request and its soudns insane but im just expeirimenting for um....reasons with utau right now? Its african so be as mean as you want. I can take a hit! I did comedy over there. Im lame! I can do this! So uh thanks and heres the other bank. I just would like otos but the problem is outside their banks their almost dead languages so um. What doesnt work? I know thiers something off!

Thanks -KITSUNE NOIZIC lances main voicer