Holiday Sale on Blue Nessie USB Microphone

Discussion in 'Chit-Chat' started by Hentai, Nov 27, 2018.

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    For UTAU purposes I stopped recommending the Yeti. I am a much bigger fan of Blue's Nessie as the Yeti has many features that aren't needed. Because the Nessie focuses exclusively on cardioid pickup it has a larger diaphragm than the Yeti,a bit more frequency response and is often cheaper since it doesn't have all the extra features the Yeti has that aren't necessarily applicable for UTAU.

    As part of the holiday sale, the Blue Nessie is $60 (+20% off first purchase) on Google Express. For $48 (if you create a new Google account to use the coupon) that is a freaking steal!

    Blue seems to be discontinuing the Nessie in favor of simplifying their product lineup and marketing the Snowball & Yeti toward gamers and streamers which the additional pickup patterns of the Snowball/Yeti might prove useful, but if you are using it for UTAU exclusively I highly recommend the Nessie over its counterparts, especially at this price of $48 after coupon, which is probably its final clearance price.

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