How did you design your first UTAU?

Discussion in 'UTAU Discussion' started by Maxii_1, Aug 10, 2018.

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    Well I'm making my very first UTAU and he lacks his design so I'd like to know how did you design yours... I think this is gonna be useful for me since I'm a beginner on all this utau-making.
  3. tetodash

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    I basically just looked up “Utau” on google images and got inspiration from what other people have done. I was also inspired by some Vocaloid designs too. I was inspired by the crypton Vocaloids and SeeU because of her super long hair.
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    There are a few ways to go about designing a utau in my opinion,
    You can either create a theme or concept for the character, or develop a design based on the voice type, or sometimes, make a design based on the first thing you see in the room. I prefer creating a rough concept of the character first and then proceeding to move on from there. Interesting shapes can enhance the design as well.
    For my utau (Yin Feng), the concept was Yin and Yang (lmao) and while her original design had more references to duality etc, the only thing that harks back to the original theme now is the colour scheme of black and white.
    Other things I like to do is look at current fashion trends and incorporate it into my designs. You can look at fashion trends from around the world to help develop style.

    Again these are just my opinions :P
  5. 幸兔雪 (Yukito Yuki)

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    I think that it’s a good idea to what UTAU sounds like before making design. That way you can avoid creating completely mismatching avatar*

    *not a bad thing on every case but can sometimes turn some people out. For example if visual avatar is a cute little girl, no one expect that to sound like 30 years old basso male (I know, this is very over exaggerated example but I hope that you got what I mean).

    For testing, you can just record 5 vowels (a.wav, i.wav etc) and play those in UTAU to get an idea what they sounds like:
    -did they sound yough/old?
    -dark or light toned voice? And so on

    After that you can think about their costume and appearance. With the color palette, I recommend at least 2 but up to 5 main colors (and I recommend to not use hyper bright neon colors as these can give headeacke to some visually sensitive people).
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  6. partial

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    I knew as soon as I took interest in UTAU I wanted mine to have purple hair and golden eyes. I took those two colors and tried to find others that I felt went well with them. I like very dull and desaturated colors. I also leaned towards sharp, elf-like ears and long pointy nails as a small nod towards him being a fantasy creature (he is a dragon).

    Essentially my boy is the embodiment of what I want to look like.
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