How do I import a VCV voicebank?


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Hi! I'm not new to UTAU, but I don't know how to import a VCV voicebank into UTAU manually without using multiple folders for the same voicebank (C4, G#4, etc). I tried doing it via .UAR file, but it never works when I try to install it. Any help would be nice.
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I don't have experience with that particular voicebank, so I think @Sors will be able to get you set up.


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not sure if this'll help, but I own all of Meiji's voicebanks, so maybe i can show you how i've got them installed.

I have UTAU under program files, (some have had issues with UTAU finding voicebanks when UTAU in under program files but i've never experienced any issues) so my directory--for fantasy specifically--pretty much looks like this:

program files > UTAU > voice > Meiji > Fantasy > (then has all her pitches, E5, C4, etc)
One thing that should be noted, and maybe you already know this but Meiji's fantasy bank is really just fairy, hunter and lilith packaged together made to work as a single voicebank in UTAU. Although having the banks separately might be easier for a beginner who doesn't wanna have to deal with aliases and working the suffix-broker.

I think if you follow kinda what i've done with my directory UTAU should have no problem locating a voicebank. in my voice folder, i have separate folders for each UTAU, and then in those folders i have different appends. UTAU can locate a voicebank under a single folder dedicated to a specific UTAU if you can locate it the first time. (in UTAU, go to Tools > Option > Bank Regist. > and from there next to the Location space, click select and locate the voicebank you want to use. Then the next time you open UTAU and go to Project > Project Property > you can click the drop down for the voicebank option and the voicebank you linked should be there.) However imo, the easiest way to import a voicebank (assuming it's in the voice folder) is to take the voicebank folder and drag and drop into the UTAU window.

this is so messy;; but hope things work out!!
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