How does Utsu work?


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I downloaded that Utsu thing because apparently it's like- a replacement for utau or something (I'm a Mac user and utau-synth actually sucks) is there a tutorial for it or something I wanna know how it works.


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You may want to reply to the main UTSU thread or join the Discord server. This will put you in direct contact with the developer.
But in short, it's a front-end replacement, or a UST editor. All of the backend processing (synthesizing notes, stitching samples together) is handled by the exact same resamplers and wavtools that UTAU uses. Same voicebank format.
Given that it's still in development, the best people to be using it right now are experienced UTAU users who can give feedback on bugs and features, and/or developers who can contribute directly to the project.


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Yeah, i'd say it's pretty hard to use for production right now due to some aspects that aren't totally ready, I remember that last time I used it, random notes weren't getting played and the envelope editor is kind of clunky to use, there were also some pitch bend bugs

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