How important is UTAUloids' personality?


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I was wondering if personality of UTAUloids' is really important.
I mean, for me, it is pretty important, because I use UTAUloid as OCs.
Now my question is: how much important is for you your UTAUloid's personality?

Not sure if my English is good enough to open threads.


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So, if anyone has ever read my fanfictions, they would know that I take the voicer's personality, bend it a few times, and then throw it onto the UTAU's original personality.

(Camila is a brave leader, Ayame is soft-spoken and prone to falling back when it gets tough, Kenji is stubborn)

Heck, it's even obvious in my original songs. Anaka ping-pongs between a cute, dependent girl to a potty-mouth brat.

Setting your UTAU's personality is quite pointless, because people will use them for whatever songs they feel fit and draw them in whatever way feels fit.

Don't get me wrong, leaving a sentence to give their general mood is a common thing. But writing a paragraph describing the ins and outs of their psyche will get ignored.


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Well I like writing stories and an UTAU's personality really helps when drawing regular old fanart and how a write their characters. Oh and if UTAU's with varying personalities are can get a lot of fun scenarios out of it lol I usually try to stick to an UTAU's personality as best I can and haven't really gotten any complaints so far.

As far as Iris goes...people really have never bent her personality to the point where it deviated completely from how I have it set. Not that I'd get angry if they did I mean you can't help it if some people do. But people usually stick to her optimistic and cheerful self. Sometimes people portray her better than me xD Daisy too~

In terms of importance...a personality has no effect on whether or not I choose a bank to use. But an interesting personality helps me come up with cover art.


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Honestly it depends...

I think the personality is a 50-50 thing. I mean, yes of course you have limits when it comes to songs involving psychotic pulsions and such... But at the same time, it can be a true inspiration if you really feel like making originals or making some covers which fit a lot to your characters *w* And also if you're more an MMD user and want to make your own dramas involving your banks or people's banks~

So well, to affirm if it's important... Yes and no, to me I place it on the same level as avatar... An amount of people do it, but you have still some who don't describe particularly or don't set any...

Even amongst the Vocaloids (except a few like Lapis, Merli or Rion) the majority of them don't have ANY canon personality, nor at least a very detailed one... Let's take one of the most famous examples : Kaito (I could have picked Miku or any other bank but oh well)

He doesn't really have a personality. So you can either picture him as a charming prince, an easy-going guy, a protective big brother, a pervert, an effeminate dude, an eccentric singer etcetc

On my side all of my UTAUs have a bio and/or personality because I won't deny it, I tend to be the kind of person who has a lot of characters popping up in mind and who tries to give them a certain psychology... Even if I end up having Mary-Sueish UTAUs but oh well... Without those, I'm not sure I would have written so much WIP originals I keep for later and even imagine the way I would make a drama serie once I manage to handle MMD

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Personality is pretty important to me. I like to get into what makes the character different from every other Utau, Perhaps because it's kinda like meeting new people and I don't have a chance to do that often except online. I'm even roleplaying as my Utau on here. I generally try to make it that Maiko is a lot more Cheerful and Flighty then me, but I'm still kinda new so I haven't had much time for everyone else to get a grasp on how we are different. I probably seem more grumpy and grounded then Maiko, Simply because when I'm roleplaying her and me in one post, I'm always shooting down her ideas. Also, notes on how I view the vocaloids! I like to think of them as similar to OHSHC! Kaito is like Tamaki in personality, Meiko is a more grownup Haruhi who's a bit more obviously feminine, Rin and Len are Mischievous tricksters themselves. Aoki is similar to Honey-sempai, but prefers pretty crystals to bunnies and such. Luka is similar to Kyoya, but much nicer in person, even if there are going to be scary rumors all around. Neru pretends to be a huge fashionista and cool and not caring, but really she's like Renge. When Teto isn't trying to creep people out, she's pretty normal. But when she is trying to creep people out for kicks, Beelzenef dolls have nothing on her. This was a really long post. I probably should stop now, I have a blog for ranting. :holy--:


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I usually discard personality altogether to be honest. It's easier for originals and stuff.


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As always in UTAU, it depends on what you're in it for.

People who have already said they like to roleplay and write stories have brought up that personality actually is a factor for them.

However, for Ant and myself who are more into it for the program/voices, it becomes null.

I really don't even look at it. And even if I did I'd probably ignore it. If your very strong voiced UTAU is a shy little nervous girl, I don't care, if her voice is strong I'll make her sing whatever whether it be a song about a mass murderer or metal, it all is in the voice for me. Like how Ritsu's personality is a harsh bully - people make him sing EVERYTHING from nice songs to love songs to ballads about being sensitive. It's his voice that matters.

So again, depends on what you're in it for.


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I enjoy playing with personality for my UTAUs, since it's fun to RP or simply to just come up with silly scenarios and doodles with friends, but I don't take them too seriously. I certainly don't like the idea of personality being a limiting factor in UTAU use at all, but I've never seen anyone actually get angry over a song "conflicting" with their UTAU's canon personality...?

I might start writing fanfictions someday, and I love reading UTAU fanfictions, so personality/characterization is definitely a fun addition to UTAUs but not my main focus.

(Despite all this I still have a mild pet peeve when people RP an UTAU contrary to it's "canon" personality if it has one. I know anyone can interpret UTAU characters in any way they want... but it still makes me a bit twitchy inside to see hyperactive/bubbly Kanochi Neko.)


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Personally, for me, it doesn't matter as long as the voice is good. However if the personality is really detailed and/or Mary-Sue, I wouldn't use the UTAU because I feel too restricted with the songs they can sing.


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For me the RPing, FIC-ing etc and the singing are two separate things. Two separate things that I enjoy doing equally, but I don't let one restrict the other.
I kinda see it like this, my UTAU as actors on a stage who I'll make sing whatever I want as long as it fits them vocally, and folks that'll do what seems right in my head-canons with other UTAU off-stage? If that metaphor makes sense.


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Only as important as the creator makes it. It shouldn't ever restrict song choices, but it's a fun thing to have for roleplaying/what-have-you. I'm kind of with Myst in that it's fun to have to imagine scenarios with or roleplay or write stories, but beyond that, I don't think it should be taken too seriously. My UTAU have personalities in my head that don't always line up with how other people depict them, and that doesn't really bother me?

Like, Halt gets interpreted a lot of different ways--as a dork who acts like she's smooth, as a huge nerd who watches bad anime, as a tough independent punk type, as a shy and nervous awkward turtle, as a total ladykiller or domme... but to me, she's kind of different. She's like a bit of myself squished together with... idk, something. To me, Halt is a level-headed big-sister type who cares about her brother and adoptive sister even if she sometimes throws her shoes at them when they won't behave. She's a huge nerd who can't cook so she eats a lot of Chinese takeout, goes to bars on the weekends and sometimes gets with someone but never really falls in love. She throws girly sleepovers and makes terrible jokes and wastes a lot of time on the internet. She works hard but takes life easy, because she's just very content and laid-back, y'know? I dunno. I guess the point of that rambling was that I see her as someone very different from how others do and that's fine with me?

If I'm going to even consider personality in an UTAU, I like to either see it be free for interpretation or moderately interesting. Simple, stereotypical things like "tsundere" or "shy and quiet" aren't interesting. I like to see at least a little bit of depth of character if they're going to have a personality, but then again maybe that's left over from my roleplaying days ahahaha...


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I think it would really depend on your applications.

Personality types and background info are nice ancillary information, for characterizing an UTAU as a character for RP and other situations, but you shouldn't let it stop you from covering a song you really like, or singing an original that may not exactly fit the established theme.


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All of my UTAUs (and a number of other vocaloids and utaus) have somehow worked their way into my RPs so a personality is more significant. I find it more important that I have a plot, though.

When it comes to just music, the personality shouldn't restrict you. One of my characters/UTAUs has a really restricting personality, so she'll probably end up covering songs that don't fit her voice

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Well, it depends to the person who creates UTAU voicebank/character. While most UTAU creators create their UTAU(s) with personality, some of them have the tendency to create UTAU voicebank/character without personality or character design.

I do have inserted a few personalities for my UTAU, Kaizern and she is interpreted in several ways. However, I treat her more as a computerized voice than an OC.