How to download Namine Ritsu KIRE for Mac UTAU Synth?


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I can download the regular VB for Namine Ritsu and her Strong VB normally and they work but those voice banks were UTAU Synth Voicebanks but they do not have a Synth KIRE voicebank. However i heard that you download a non Synth vb to Synth just not a synth voicebank to regular UTAU.
the thing is though, when i download KIRE she doesnt have her avatar and when i use her she doesnt have sound.
It might be because i didn't set the region to Japan, but i didn't set the region to Japan for the other VB's of ritsu that i used and they worked. Another problem is that my Mac won't even save the region. I don't know why.
Any Mac users can give me some pointers? Or know a link where i can download a Synth version of Ritsu's Kire VB? Thanks in advance.


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There's no need for any region changes, and if you know how to convert PC UTAU voicebanks to UTAU-Synth voicebanks (simply add ".utau" to the end of the folder name) then everything should be fine. However, there is a chance that, when unzipping the voicebank, the file names and such may have gotten corrupted. To avoid this happening, you should use Unarchiver to keep things in Japanese encoding.
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