How to make Teto growl in OpenUtau?


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Hi all! I am brand new to making songs with OpenUtau in general (cause I have no luck trying to get anything to work in Utau and OpenUtau's layout is easier for me to personally work with) and I'm still learning a lot... I was wondering how I can make Teto's growl voicebank sound good in OpenUtau? I've heard that using resamplers work but I have no idea how to change it from Worldline and how to even add new resamplers and apply them to Teto :,) I also have no idea what flags are... lol. Can any seasoned veterans and or people who know how it works help me out? I would appreciate it a lot!


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When you download additional resamplers, put the exe file in the Resamplers folder of OpenUtau.
By default the renderer is WORLDLINE-R, but you can click on that and change it to CLASSIC. Then click on the gear icon to change which exact resampler to use for the track. For rough vocals (like grit/growl/scream) I recommend tn_fnds, which will extend notes by looping the audio instead of stretching it.

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