How would one go about recording an UTAU on an iPhone X/11?


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A friend of mine wants to get into UTAU. Normally I'd lend her my mic to use for a day or two, but we're all quarantined, so that's not possible, but she's getting a new phone soon. I'd heard that a good way to record an UTAU if all one has is headset mics is to use your phone mic. So, how would she go about recording an UTAU Voicebank on an iPhone mic? I'll show her how to set up OREMO and all that, since I'll probably oto for her.


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Assuming one has both a smartphone and access to a Windows computer, youc an use WO Mic:
Follow the setup instructions for the phone app and computer client, and you'll be able to use the phone as a USB microphone. It's best to set the phone itself to silent (no vibrations!) and possibly put it in a stand to avoid touching it.

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