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    Just found something interesting.

    There's this Taiwanese youtuber by the name of HowFun. He got so many requests from schools to create graduation wishes videos, but due to time constraints, he was unable to film them all. So he came up with a solution: record any possible syllables and some phrases so people can create their own graduation wishes videos spoken by HowFun. (the recordings)

    Which led into tons of remixes, memes, and even an Utau voicebank!

    HowHow Utau or Howne Miku is a "jinriki" Utau voicebank sampled from above recordings, CV, and support Chinese and Japanese!

    • 在我們的星球眼淚不超過三秒 (original sung by AFÜ, cover by Hugwalk) (the youtuber took notice to this particular cover!)
    • Gurenge (original sung by LiSA, cover by Hugwalk)
    Github repository (releases)
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    Thank you for explaining who is Howne Miku!
    I get lost YT finding covers of him left me confused what is this thing lol

    I cracked on the second video because of the beautiful video editing hhh

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