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I've known about Moresampler for a while now, but I've never seemed to be able to put it into UTAU! I changed both Tool1 and Tool2 to moresampler-0.8.3\moresampler.exe like the instructions told me to (and yes, I've kept the all the .txt stuff and whatever with it). However, I always end up with a popup that says something like C:\Users\wg0033\AppData\Local\Temp\utau1\temp.wav

So what should I do? I'll leave an image to demonstrate...



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I had that same error some days ago lol, i fixed it unchecking the ''multiple processes for rendering (use batch files)'' in the rendering settings
But you should read the link that _caustic_ gave you
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Nevermind! I've figured it out with someone's help, but thanks to everyone who replied!