I can't see my post T^T(RESOLVED)

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    as the title says I can't see my post. I was replying to someone and after i posted it, it won't show but when I try replying and scroll down I can see my posts that are not shown but when I go back to my thread it isn't shown. T^T . this is my thread http://utaforum.net/board-utau-artwork I was supposed to reply this:
    I'll accept both. so can i have their design details? please don't forget telling me their names
    if you don't still have any designs you can pick from the "nonames" in my deviant art: http://ninethartz.deviantart.com/ ,if you have chosen tell me the number like "no name 9" and additional details you want to add and tell me their color schemes. Then I'll redraw them.

    btw your request and the KazuoHiro's might be done on friday(the earliest)
    also plss note that we have different timelines. my time now is 3:45pm (to anyone who made a request)

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