I Need Card Ideas for "UTAU Against Humanity"


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So I'm creating a fun UTAU themed card-deck for CAH, and I need LOTS of ideas! I've already got roughly 30 cards of each type, but that just isn't enough! So I'd love it if you could comment with your card ideas, as many as you can think of! Preferably put each card on a new line, so it's easier for me to add them! I'm going to be hosting a few private sessions once the deck is big enough, thanks guys! I can't wait to have fun with this!

The deck so far: https://www.cardcastgame.com/browse/deck/F65BG


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If you need to fluff out a game of UTAU CAH, Avy's deck (KS3EE) and my deck (889U7) are probably the most used, since they're the ones with the most cards. you might fid some inspiration that way...


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omg ppl like my decks you make a girl blush haha / /v //

If you want me to add more to my deck btw just PM me


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Here are the deck codes for the ones I usually use:

Code: 2Q92T (168 black & 439 white)

'UTAU Against Humanity'
Code: 889U7 (104 black & 266 white)

'Avy's UTAU Deck'

Code: KS3EE (96 black & 105 white)

'UtaForum Custom'
Code: 4KTEN (22 black & 26 white)

'Vocaloid/Utau Community'
Code: SN8DQ (22 black and 50 white)

'Utau Quite Nutshell'
Code: GWGXE) (11 black and 31 white)
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