If your UTAU was a scene from sponge bob, which one would they be


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Only this particular picture is Makne Nitton

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This is (how many people perceive) Q.P.:

This is O.G. in a sense:

Personality-wise, this is D.T.:

I didn't come up with this other one for D.T.; others came up with it for him!
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wat is this thread actually [s=]proceeds to contribute to this thread tho[/s]

this sums up Yuki and Yuuki's relationship

and this is the core characteristic of Miss and Chief
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I imagine Kamui and Inkyuloid (property of Inkyuma) as Patrick and SpongeBob in this situation.

Karasu. No matter what situation he's in.

Kein (Spongebob) and Karasu again.

Albert as the atomic founder.

And my utaus as a whole.



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Bumping lol