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Divine Operaloids submitted a new Showcase Item:


Age: 20
Gender: Indefined but she accepts female pronouns
Aliases: Imo
Hair: Long, purple-ish pink
Eyes: One red and other light purple
Body: Slightly curvy
Clothes: She likes long dresses and ponchos.
Personality: Kinda shy, but assertive if the situation requires it. She is often seen as the timid and kind one, but she can get her fury and determination if she considers the moment to do it. She was born naturally without half of the arms, but she had an infection in her legs which led her to get a very complicated and dangerous surgery to remove them and adapt her body to a new prototype, a snake prototype, doctors called it PROJECT HENMA, and after a very mortal surgery, she was connected to PROJECT HENMA, who is now Henmmanuel, her guardian.
Role: Leader
Engages with: Emillei
Voiced by: Lorea

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