Install Voicebank on MAC OS?


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I have everything else set up, and am able to get Uta to sing, but I can't figure out how to add another voicebank /ust or anything like that on Mac Os? I have downloaded files but can't figure it out... I've looked around, but all the tutorial/ guides only show how to do it on windows, and or are really vague and have no detail. Does anyone know how to add more banks, or do I just have to mess around forever with this?


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When downloading a voicebank, you will commonly find it in formats like ZIP or RAR. Use Unarchiver to decompress them to ensure that the filenames stay intact.
Once you have the folder, edit the name to add ".utau" to the end of it. It will turn into a file that you can double click and open in UTAU-Synth.
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