Is it possible to copyright an original UTAU song?


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I'm asking that because I made my own song recently and my boyfriend (who is a vocaloid producer) recommends I copyright my song so I can put it on bandcamp and sell it as a single.
But my problem is that very question. Is it possible when you don't own the voicebank?
My song uses Yokune Ruko Male Kire as the vocals, and they're in English (or in Engrish) [I do plan on doing a Japanese version too]. I'm aware that if I want to commercialize my song, I'll have to ask permission to use the voice, which I intend to do.
I do also want people to cover it, like other songs, since I plan to release the instrumental too. But am I able to do that if I copyright it?
I'm new to this, so I'm not sure how to do this. Any good tips or advice?


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Your work is automatically protected by copyright when you create it. Here's the FAQ on United States copyright law:

Commercial use rights are one small part of that. Consult the relevant documentation (such as readme.txt or other license files included in the voicebank itself, or any information available on the UTAU's website) and if you don't find the answer you need, contact the creator of the voicebank directly.

To explicitly give people the right to cover your song, I highly recommend releasing the instrumental under a Creative Commons license. This page will walk you through choosing the right license for what you want to permit:
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